A set of illustrative bookmarks, posters, and a book cover designed for Scholastic Books for use in school bookfairs.
Designed in a variety of styles to appeal to different children. Craft-oriented and promoting creativity by resembling doodles, paper dolls, stitched outlines and chalky coloring, etc. 
Polar Poster: Minimally designed using texture, color, and a cut paper style with simple forms. I didn't want to add text that might interrupt the visuals. This is actually a re-visit of a piece that I had drawn as a child in elementary school.
En Pointe Poster: Considering the popular "Keep Calm" trend, I designed this poster for girls who might be interested in ballet. Again using texture and cut-out paper style, but using color as an emphasis with red pointe shoes. Again, as a girl who took ballet, I actually had my mother's red pointe shoes on my wall, and this is an homage to that.
"Awesome Book" Passbook
The "It's My Year" book is a series of books that are updated each year. My concept of the "Awesome Book" was designed to immerse the reader in a comfortable environment to promote their own creativity. Faux stickers are scattered on the cover, left partially uncolored so that the child might continue to do so on their own. Simplistic sketches are added in the white space to try and promote more doodles without having the child feel as if they need to match a style or skill level. This style is carried throughout the book pages on notebook-style paper.

Other work:

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