The Nutrition And Logistics Application (NALA) system, a Walt Disney Parks & Resorts Food & Beverage technology platform that delivers an end-to-end supply chain solution from supplier to Guest.
This fully integrated system connects partners, information, and processes and delivers efficiencies through automation and business intelligence. 
NALA establishes the necessary infrastructure to deliver menu transparency and traceability, empowering Guests to make educated choices with real-time source, nutrition, and allergen content in the future.
Communications Visual Designer

Walt Disney Parks & Resorts
Branding + identity, distributable style guide, buttons and digital elements, email design, SharePoint design, Cast info intranet templates, fliers and flier templates for updates, infographic, presentation deck
NALA came to my desk with a more literal interpretation based off the Disney character namesake. Over-themed, it was unable to effectively convey what it could do for the Cast Members who would be using the app. The Executive who was spearheading this project expressed a wish for the design to be cleaner, more modern, but still have a warm, "farmer's market" feel. It had previously only been used to pitch the app concept, and now that it had been green-lit, NALA needed a real brand. 
To express the concept behind the app, iconography combining a gear (systems, movement, cooperation) and an orange (freshness, growth, and on-the-nose for Orlando, FL) were used in combination, tying together the "nutrition" and "logistics" aspects of the app. This design was tied into the text of the name, but also could be used separately throughout collateral as a design element. A pattern was created by combining icons related to foods, farms, and restaurants - including a hidden paw-print from the movie The Lion King to give a nod to the character. 🐾
Following the desired concept of a farmer's market/farm-to-fork feel, the color palette was pulled from fresh foods. Paired with the illustrative pattern background, real textures such as rich earth and basil were used as design elements.
Executive-Selected concept, final Branding + Identity
Presentation Deck
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